10 Free Blogging Sites in 2020


10 free blogging sites

The best online blogging websites such as Word Press, Wix, Weebly, Phantom, Medium, and much more all allow millions of extra bloggers to create beautifully pleasing websites even without learning to code. Since in recent times, starting a blog has become so much more straightforward, here have been my choices for the ten best blogging websites you can use to develop your initial site as well as set the groundwork for what’s to arrive in your blogging ride. Blogging has quite a rich tradition as well as a long record. Individuals have also been making blogs since 1993, which involve them, make profits, or help develop their primary businesses.

Free Blogging Site

  1. Word Press (www.wordpress.org)

The king of online blogging sites becomes WordPress.org. It would be a free website, but you have to create the web all by yourself afterward. It would help if you managed the programmer yourself as well. Although you can consider several free hosting for Word Press, paying a modest sum for a good Word Press host is a more robust long-term approach.

It is here that Blue host comes into action. That is not only really inexpensive (on the Standard plan, only $2.95 per month); it also offers solid functionality such as free domain name. 80 GB of disc space, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited SSL, and 100 MB of email storage for each user. The blue host has been the least expensive logical Word Press hosting you could figure out about there just at this time. You need Hosting for WordPress.com. If you don’t have a budget, you can get cheap hosting.

  1. Wix (www.wix.com)

Wix has been a free, front-end website creator that can fully manage. This system’s key feature has been that it arrives with drag-and-drop choices, so there’s nothing you need to work in the back-end. The layout is quite intuitive and modern, which could be used by both newbie’s and advanced.

The remarkable thing regarding Wix would be that provides free hosting, so you have to organize the layouts, select a template, and then you’re all done. For multiple uses, like blogging, it offers a great range of free and premium themes and models.

Only sign up and then make a decision to start a Wix account: you may have to let the Wix AI develop a website for your survey questionnaire or design your page. If you go for 2nd choice, all you have to do is find a gorgeous prototype and begin in such an online preview mode to configure everything on the front end.

  1. Weebly (www.weebly.com)

Weebly would be another website designer you could use not for blogging but for selling items or highlighting your portfolio. You may drag it out to the tab and configure it if you’d like to attach a specific icon.

  1. Blogger 

Blogger is also another excellent forum for blogging. It’s not just as powerful as Word Press, but then on the other side, it is more available for novice people, which makes total sense when you hear that Google owns it.

Blogger provides an excellent range of models, all of which have smaller screen-optimized mobile versions, a brilliant move with so many people now a day’s consuming online content via smartphones. The blogger is also sensitive to the internet.

  1. Penzu

While the other free blogging websites people have looked at mostly built to have as many eyeballs on your blogs as possible, Penzu follows the reverse mentality, which is the equivalent of a secret diary stashed in a secure. Penzu is indeed a journal site that, by default, keeps your posts confidential and holds them down, including at least one password (you need to have a second one to view or update your posts only after you logged in). That is because it meant for unique ideas as well as individual contemplation.

  1. Google (www.google.com)

Medium is a multifunctional forum covering several subjects, where anybody with a profile can publish. The significant benefit of Medium, unlike many other free blogging platforms, would be that the posts can show to a broad audience because of 60 million people each month access the site (as well as the amount grows each year).

It would be super easy to use; you just signed up and started composing. The downside, though, would be that all your material is on the format.

  1. Ghost (www.ghost.org)

That is just another forum for Word Press-like blogging. Digital Ocean is a fantastic service that helps Ghost: even to get you going, it is inexpensive and brings many useful features. It’s quick to make a post in Ghost you have set up your account. The editor is fast and minimalist, and even on the top right of the screen, it gives a visual description of your document. You have a moderate vibe on the front-end, so it’s pretty. There seems to be a sidebar with settings on the editor’s panel to select your choices.

  1. Joomla: (www.joomla.org)

Joomla is equivalent to WordPress.org other than not apparent when you browse at the free blogging pages that are out there. The app is online, much like Word Press, but requires hosting as well as a domain. We suggest Bluehost, as in the Word Press situation, since it is both relatively cheap and secure (and offers a free environment).

  1. Jimdo (www.jimdo.com)

Jimdo is more like an example of free websites for blogging. Therefore, blogs are the most favored in its free version, considering the simple features of Jimdo. By running through a few things, you can quickly build a website with Jimdo (you take a simple survey about your site). Your website is instantly developed based on your choices after you search these choices. Jimdo’s drawback is that you cannot get a personalized domain and, once you update, you can’t uninstall the advertisements.

  1. Blog.com

Blog.com is yet another standard blogging website which is operated by Word Press. And have its advantages and disadvantages, much like most utilities. Its free accounts provide several lovely premium themes for just a beginning and sophisticated plugins that one can only assume on a self-hosted page. In the drawback, however, the free app shows more advertisements than WordPress.com. But to eliminate the commercials, you should vote for paid upgrades. If you are new to the blogging world, you can easily start blogging in 2021.


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