10 Tips to Choose the Right Managalsutra Which Is Wearable and Glamorous

Mangalsutra is an integral part of Indian weddings and is the most important piece of jewellery for all married women’s ornaments. It is a set of black beads tied together with a pendant with a yellow thread or a chain of gold. This piece of jewellery has a special meaning for all married Hindu women. It symbolises the union of love and togetherness and is considered one of the most valuable jewellery pieces.

Here are ten tips for buying a portable, simple yet attractive Mangalsutra set.

10 Tips for Choosing the Mangalsutra You Want to Wear!

Tip 1 – Understanding cultural needs

Buy your Mangalsutra according to your cultural requirements. People of all cultures have different needs, so talk to your family members and find their opinions. Special Mangasutras models such as the Kathamani Pathak, Thali, Dehjoor, and Minnu are traditional and genuine Mangalsutras based on your culture and are not easily available. It is important to customise it based on your style, preferences, and personality.

Tip 2 – Always check the authenticity of the hallmarked Mangalsutra

Yes, before you buy the expensive metal Mangalsutra, be sure to check the authenticity using these five standards:

  • The BIS standard mark.
  • The purity grades.
  • Mark of hallmark centre.
  • The year of manufacture.
  • The gem cutter (jeweller’s logo) mark.

This will prevent you from being scammed.

Tip 3 – Know where to buy Mangalsutra

You may find many Indian jewellers selling Mangalsutra in stores, but you can also shop from trusted online platforms to find the latest designs. Ensure you are shopping from a trusted store, whether from a local store or online. You can see product reviews and shop reviews before you buy.

Tip 4 – Buy your Mangalsutra according to your choice and requirements

Do not get hooked on the choices and designs of others. If you are looking for a perfect design for everyday use, choose a light and sophisticated design that is comfortable to wear. However, if you are looking for a Mangalsutra that can be worn for special occasions, medium to large pendants and complex designs will suit your needs. Choose from traditional and modern designs based on your needs.

Tip 5 – Consider the metal

There was a time when Mangalsutras were mainly made of gold. However, as time and demand change, these ornaments are now available in various metals such as silver, gold, platinum, and white gold. If your budget allows, you can also look for metals, including diamonds. The use of diamonds is itself a versatile option. To add colour, you can add gems and pearls. The two-tone Mangalsutra goes well with yellow, rose, and white gold accessories. When choosing a precious metal, make sure it is not rhodium-plated, as, with constant use, it loses its brilliance and needs to be retouched.

Tip 6 – Consider the versatile Mangalsutra design and length

Next, you need to choose a design worn on non-traditional clothing such as jeans, dresses, and skirts. Suppose the design is too traditional. Mangalsutra style has also evolved. You can go for a short necklace or a long necklace. Mainly keep the type of dress you wear and keep it. Keep in mind that it is easy to determine the length and design of the chain. After all, this piece means something to you and should suit your style.

Tip 7 – Find matching earrings or a bridal necklace set to get the complete Mangalsutra set

Apart from the Mangalsutra set, another gem you regularly is a pair of earrings. So, it would be even better to combine the bridal necklace set or a simple Mangalsutra and earrings to make a complete set.

Tip 8 – Determine your budget

Now that you know your cultural needs, design preferences, pendant style, and metal, set your budget. Mangalsutra is a work that symbolises your love for life. When budgeting your dream Mangalsutra, keep in mind that this jewellery will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Tip 9 – Choose your pendant design wisely

Mangalsutra pendants come in various designs, including hanging pendants, small pendants, heavy designs, and light pendants. Keep the element of comfort in mind when experimenting with different designs. You can opt for round, heart-shaped, V-shape, or completely fancy pendants.

Tip 10 – Choose your Mangalsutra chain wisely

It does not matter if Mangalsutra is black beads and/or gold mixture. It is easy to combine with most outfits, so balancing the two is a good idea. Choose the chain properly as it should not get entangled and fit snugly around your neck, and is more comfortable to wear. The 22-carat gold chain is flexible and hard to break. The 14-carat gold chain is relatively inflexible and fragile due to the mixture of gold with other metals.


Remember the tips mentioned above, and you can choose the best Mangalsutra set in town. So, girls, show off your Mangalsutra with style and confidence.

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