Bellagio Security Rescued Puppy Finds a Caring, Loving Home After Frightening Ordeal

The puppy which was rescued from a sweltering car at the Bellagio parking garage last month now has a forever home. Her name is Dutchess and she is getting the royal treatment.

LVMPD Officer James Rybacki and Dutchess
LVMPD Officer James Rybacki and Dutchess
LVMPD Officer James Rybacki and Dutchess spend some quality time, pictured above. The Siberian Husky puppy was adopted by a family after being rescued from a hot car at the Bellagio. (Image: The Animal Foundation)

The four-month-old Siberian Husky was adopted, officials revealed this week. She is regularly taken out for walks by her new owners. She has plenty of toys to play with too. Dutchess also plays with the other dog in the family: Tobey.

That is a big change from the life-threatening situation the puppy found herself in on July 20. A passerby saw the dog confined in a Mercedes-Benz parked in the direct sunlight at the Bellagio. Her mouth was taped shut. The temperature in the car was close to 108 degrees.

The car was turned off. The windows were up. There was no air conditioning on. The dog did not have access to food or water.

The former owner left the young dog for two hours while he went into the casino. The passerby quickly notified Bellagio security. They forced open the car and got the dog into an air-conditioned vehicle. They also gave her plenty of water.

The owner eventually made his way back to the car. He was charged with a felony, willful or malicious torture of a dog, KSNV reported.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) officers also had some stern words to tell him after they placed him in a squad car. He was identified as Raul Carbajal, 50, of Corona Del Mar, Calif. His case is now pending in local court.

A Clark County Animal Control officer also showed up to assist at the Bellagio.

Before Dutchess was placed in the new home, LVMPD Officer James Rybacki came by the animal shelter to visit with Dutchess one last time. Both were elated to see each other.

The Las Vegas-based shelter, The Animal Foundation, helped to place the puppy with her new family. Their names were not released, but a photo shows two parents and two sons, and a very happy Dutchess. (The Animal Foundation has many other lovable pets also looking for a home, with names like Scooby, Bambi and Pickle).

Well Wishes for Puppy

Many social media posters had been worried over what would happen to the puppy which survived the Bellagio incident. Now, they are relieved to hear the good news.

“So happy Duchess has found a new family who will take good care of her. Thank you for adopting her,” She May posted on The Animal Foundation Facebook site.

Also, Jackie Wylie posted, “Yay! She’s adorable!! I pray her new home is loving, and spoils her rotten every single day!!”

Stephanie Feinstein added, “I cannot believe that people STILL leave dogs in hot cars! I’m so glad this gorgeous girl has found a loving home and a happy ending. So many others don’t. Enjoy your new family Dutchess!!!”

I’m sure they’ll give her the life she deserves. And one day she won’t remember the scary time with that sick man! Their love will heal any mental scars he left on her,”  Melanie Treece further said.

Reminder for Pet Owners

The incident reminds pet owners nationwide about the risks to animals from being in a vehicle when temperatures are high or even warm.

“On a warm day, temperatures inside a vehicle can rise rapidly to dangerous levels,” Jessica Simpson, public policy specialist at the Humane Society of the United States, told last year.

“On an 85-degree day, for example, the temperature inside a car with the windows opened slightly can reach 102 degrees within 10 minutes,” Simpson said. “After 30 minutes, the temperature will reach 120 degrees and the pet may suffer irreversible organ damage, seizures, or die.”

LVMPD officers have made numerous statements about the heat risks to animals and potential charges for the owners.

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