Is It Possible to Beat Roulette?

Many articles have been written on the topics “how to beat the roulette wheel in a casino” or “is it possible to beat the roulette wheel on the Internet” and so on. In most cases, these methods represent a game of roulette according to the Martingale strategy. This is okay, but the authors of the methods promise huge incomes for everyone, but this is not so. Think, if you knew a way to get rich quick and easy, why put it on the network for everyone. You can quietly and calmly earn a living, and no one will know about it. So let’s figure out how this happens.

Is it possible to beat the roulette? Roulette is one of the oldest games that has successfully migrated to the Internet. You can win at roulette on the Internet, but you won’t be able to win all the time.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of online roulette fans, so we have prepared this section – here you can find the most famous roulette strategies and systems.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is one of the main roulette strategies mastered by numerous players, according to experts. The essence of the Martingale strategy is to double the bet after a loss and return to the initial one after a win. The disadvantages of the Martingale strategy when playing roulette follow:

  • Each casino has a maximum bet limit. If you have reached the bet limit, it means you have lost using this strategy;
  • You need to have a huge deposit, as there may simply not be enough funds for the next bet. After all, the casino also has a minimum bet when playing roulette.

Now it is clear that according to the Martingale strategy, you can only beat the roulette wheel at a certain distance, but not earn consistently. The strategy can be applied to European roulette, lightning roulette, French roulette and any other variation that is available on the Internet. It’s worth noting that the casino in which the roulette game is played must be honest.

Roulette Probability Theory

Probability theory is a branch of mathematics that studies the laws of random phenomena. And just the game of roulette is a random phenomenon. Let’s calculate the probability of falling out: “red” or “black” at – 18/37 = 0.486, and zero – 1/37 = 0.027. It turns out that the probability of our winning is 0.486. It is already clear that if we constantly bet on the same color without any strategies, then at a distance we will have a small increasing minus. Some players, resorting to the theory of probability, consider the probability of the next color to be higher if the opposite happened in the last move.

Probability theory is a very “tricky” branch of mathematics, there is no time frame in it, all events are random. That is, the probability of getting “red” or “black” with each throw will always be 0.486, no matter how hard we try. And such a calculation method in real conditions cannot be applied, therefore the theory of probability shows that it is impossible to beat roulette at a distance since the probability of winning each move is 0.486.

You will not be able to beat the roulette wheel in a casino over a long distance. You can sometimes win for your pleasure, but you will definitely not be able to make money consistently.

Tips for Winning Roulette

Here are some tips that might be helpful in the long run:

Try your luck at European Roulette

Roulette in casinos is much more popular in Europe than in the USA. This is due to the advantage of the casino, which reaches 5.26% in the American version of the game. As for the European roulette, this percentage is 2.63. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that it has become more accessible with the increase in the number of online casinos on the Internet. Its distinctive feature is the wheel with one zero, while American Roulette is characterized by the presence of two.

Do not bet on 5 numbers at once

If you want to bet on 5 numbers at once, this decision will not meet your expectations. The fact is that, according to mathematical calculations, it turns out 7.89 against 5.26 percent in relation to other rates.

Manage your game deposit wisely

Some players, under the influence of excitement, bet more than they can afford. If you adhere to certain rules, you will be able to avoid losses as a result of hasty and rash actions. Plan ahead for the amount you will be willing to gamble. It will not be superfluous to determine the size of the win, having achieved which you will need to stop. Set a bet limit and try not to go beyond these limits. Control your cash by saving a small amount of money after each win. Just do not put them in your pocket, because the dealer may misjudge such actions. Any game strategy requires discipline. If you do not stick to the established plan, then you simply do not have one.

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