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JBL 10WQi Bluetooth Earbuds


Product Description

Renewed is your trusted destination for pre-owned and refurbished products that are inspected and tested to work and look like new. A Renewed supplier who is Amazon-qualified and performance managed, performs a full diagnostic test, replaces any defective parts, and thoroughly cleans the product. The products will have minimal to no signs of wear, no visible cosmetic imperfections when held 12 inches away, batteries with at least 80% capacity relative to new, and may arrive in a brown.

What’s In the Box






How to wear


First-time use


Power On & CONNECT


* Google Assistant will be integrated later Over-The-Air (OTA) automatically.



Power off






Enable advance controls by connecting your JBL Live PRO+TWS to My JBL Headphones App.

Auto Play/Pause






Led Behaviors



  • Model: LIVE PRO+ TWS
  • Driver Size:11 mm/0.43” Dynamic Driver
  • Power supply: 5 V 1 A
  • Earpiece: 95 g per pc (13.9 g combined) / 0.015 lbs per pc (0.03 lbs combined)
  • Charging case: 7 g/0.12 lbs
  • Headset battery type: Lithium-ion polymer (3.7 V, 55 mAh)
  • Charging case battery type: Lithium-ion polymer (3.7 V, 500 mAh)
  • Charging time: 2 hrs from empty
  • Wireless Charging time: 3 hrs from empty
  • Music playtime with BT on and ANC on: up to 5.5 hrs
  • Music playtime with BT on and ANC off: up to 7 hrs
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 16 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB [email protected]/1mW
  • Maximum SPL: 91 dB
  • Microphone sensitivity: -38 [email protected]/Pa
  • Bluetooth version:0
  • Bluetooth profile version: A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.6, HFP V1.7
  • Bluetooth transmitter frequency range: 2400 – 2483.5 MHz
  • Bluetooth transmitter power: <13 dBm (EIRP)
  • Bluetooth transmitter modulation: GFSK, π/4 DQPSK, 8DPSK
  • Maximum operation temperature: 45°C

IC RF Exposure Information and Statement

The SAR limit of Canada (C) is 1.6 W/kg averaged over one gram of tissue. Device types: (IC: 6132A-LIVEPROTWSP) has also been tested against this SAR limit According to this standard, the highest SAR value reported during product certification for head use is 0.7975 W / kg. The device was tested for typical bodily operations where the product was kept 0 mm from the head. To maintain compliance with IC RF exposure requirements, use accessories that maintain a separation distance of 0mm between the user’s head and the back of the headset. The use of belt clips, holsters and similar accessories shall not contain metal parts in its assembly. Use of accessories that do not meet these requirements may not comply with IC RF exposure requirements and should be avoided.

Head operation

The device was subjected to a typical head manipulation test. In order to comply with RF exposure requirements, a minimum separation distance of 0 cm must be maintained between the user’s ear and the product (including the antenna). Head exposure that do not meet these requirements may not meet RF exposure requirements and should be avoided. Use only the supplied or approved antenna.


The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you constantly plug in a JBL portable Bluetooth speaker?

Even if you leave the Bluetooth speaker connected all day, the battery will still suffer damage. Perhaps after the battery has reached its full capacity, charging the speaker further runs the risk of the battery overheating and even exploding.

When charging, should a JBL Bluetooth speaker be on or off?

Please make sure your wireless Bluetooth speaker is off before charging it or connecting it to a power source via a USB cable or AC adaptor.

How can I tell when the battery in my JBL Bluetooth speaker is full?

The CHARGE indicator will not illuminate if the battery is completely charged. The speaker’s CHARGE indicator may not turn on while it is being charged, depending on the model. If the battery is charging when the speaker is off, the CHARGE indicator will come on.

Is using a JBL Bluetooth speaker while it’s charging okay?

You can operate your Bluetooth speaker while it is charging without harming the battery. To check the battery life before using the speaker for the first time, completely charge it while it is off.

How should a JBL Bluetooth speaker be cared for?

The most important thing to remember is not to use water to clean your portable Bluetooth speaker. The internal parts of the wireless Bluetooth speaker can be damaged by liquids getting inside. A simple towel will do the trick to remove dirt and other debris.

How can I make my JBL Bluetooth speaker’s battery last longer?

The fastest charging speeds and a portable power pack are your best bets. Fast charging can make up for a reduced battery life. This feature, which not all speakers have but is still quite useful, can revive a dead battery for a long enough period of time in just a half-hour or less.

How long should a JBL Bluetooth speaker be charged?

For Bluetooth speakers, a full charge takes about three hours. Usually, a Bluetooth speaker has to charge for 1-2 hours before use. On a full charge, the majority of speakers typically work for ten to twenty hours. Some smaller Bluetooth speakers only last a short time after being fully charged.

Without a charger, how can I charge my JBL Bluetooth speaker?

Use your laptop, a power bank, a mobile charger, your smartphone, or another mobile device to charge your phone. The time has come to change your battery. Utilize A Wireless Charging Station To Charge. Charge Using a Wireless Charger of Your Own.

How can a non-charging JBL Bluetooth speaker be fixed?

A Bluetooth speaker that won’t charge can be fixed by installing software updates, replacing the battery, buying a new cable, fixing a broken solder joint, replacing the charging port, and replacing the charging circuit.

Can I use a mobile charger to charge my JBL Bluetooth speaker?

Use the USB AC adaptor that came with your iPhone® or iPad® mobile device to charge your wireless speaker. It will depend on the features of the AC adapter whether it takes ten hours or more to fully charge the discharged battery.

A JBL Bluetooth speaker can be charged using how many watts?

With more watts, the equipment becomes more powerful. Portable Bluetooth speakers have a range of 3 to 30 watts of power. The sound quality of speakers with lower wattages will be worse even though they are sometimes less expensive.

How do JBL wireless speakers get their power?

Most wireless speakers use AC adapters to connect to regular power outlets or power strips. Rechargeable batteries enable some devices to be “completely wireless,” however this feature needs regular maintenance tasks like repositioning and charging.

How durable are JBL wireless speakers?

The Bluetooth speaker’s battery life varies based on the model and the company who made it. A speaker should typically operate for ten to twenty hours after a full charge.

How can a Bluetooth speaker be harmed?

The worst enemies of a speaker are dirt, sunlight, and static electricity. A buildup of static charge, which is frequently caused by rubbing two objects together, can damage a Bluetooth speaker.

How are portable speakers cleaned?

Wipe the surface of the speakers with a gentle, moist cloth to remove any dust. Use a soft cloth and an ammonia-free window cleaner to remove dirt and other debris rather than spraying any liquid cleaners directly onto the speaker’s surface.

How can I make my Bluetooth speaker more effective?

Set your Bluetooth speaker down on the floor. the room’s dimensions It is preferable to use two Bluetooth wireless speakers. Place the Bluetooth wireless speaker next to the Internet and the walls. Keep Your Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Working.

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