JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers Owner’s Manual


JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers

JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers


JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-1


  1. Pry off trim pieceJBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-2
  2. Slide the panel cover downJBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-3
  3. Remove panel coverJBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-4


JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-5

Note: It is recommended that you make all wire connections before permanently mounting the amp.

IMPORTANT: Disconnect the vehicle’s negative(-) battery terminal before beginning the installation.

  • Always wear protective eyewear when using tools.
  • Choose a state mounting location, away from moisture. Check clearances on both sides of a planned mounting surtace.
    Be sure that screws or vAres will not puncture brake lines.
    fuel lines. or wiring harnesses and that wire routing ,,;u not interfere with the safe vehicle operation. Use caution when driling or cutting in the mounting area.
  • Choose a location that provides enough air circulation.
  • Do not mount the amplifier with the heat sink facing downward, as this interferes with cooling.
  • Mount the ampilifier so that it will not be damaged by the feet of backseat passengers or shifting cargo in the trunk.


At amplifier:JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-6At ground location:JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-7


Low-level signalsJBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-8Note: when using low-level signals and remote turn-on lead, set the “TURN-ON MODE switch to ‘REM and the “INPUT LEVEL switch to ‘LO”.

High-level signalsJBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-9

Note: when using high-level signals, set the ‘TURN-ON MODE Switch to DC’ and the INPUT LEVEL” Switch to “HI1”. if no sound plays, change the “1NPUT LEVEL” switch to HI2.


To connect two Club A1000 amplifers, use an RCA patch cable to conect the “PRIMARY OUT of the primary amplifier to the SECONDARY IN” of the secondary amplifier Set the Primary/ Secondary switch to “PRIMARY” on the primary amplifier, and to SECONDARY” on the secondary amplifierJBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-10


One subwoofer (40hm/20hm)JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-11Two subwoofers (4ohm)JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-12


JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-13


JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-14

Setting the gain

  1. Start with GAIN control set to minimum, and the crossover control rotated midway.
  2. Choose music witn substantial bass content.
  3. Turn the voiume control on your receiver to 34 Of its total output.
  4. Adjust the GAIN Control clockwise, listening carefully to the bass output. If you hear distortion, turn the GAIN control counterclockwise to decrease the gain.

Selecting the crossover frequency

Choose the crossover point to suit listening preferences. Turn the dials to the left to lower the crossover point and to the right to raise the crossover point. Exact crossover settings depend on your listening preferences.

Selecting the subwoofer phase

Switch the PHASE back and forth to determine which setting provides the most clean bass output.

Selecting the bass boost

Adjust the BASS-BOOST control clockwise or counterclockwise to suit your taste.



  • No audio and POWER INDICATOR is off.
    No voltage at BATT+ and/or REM terminals, or bad or no ground connection. Check voitages at ampiier terminals with vOM.
  • No audio and PROTECT INDICATOR flashes every 4 seconds.
    DC voltage on amplifier output. Amplifer may need service; see enclosed warranty card for service information.
  • No audio and PROTECT and POWER INDICATORs flash.
    Voltage less than 9V on BATT connection. Check ehicle cnarging system.
  • No audio and PROTECT INDICATOR is on.
    Ampiter is overheated. Maxe sure ampliner cooling S not blocked at mounting location. or, there may be voltage greater than 16V (or less than 8.5v) on EATT+connection. Check vehicle charging system.
  • Amplifier fuse keeps biowing.
    The winning is connected incorrectly or there is a short circuit. Wng connections.
  • Distorted audio.
    Gain Is Not Set Properly. Check Setting. Check Wires For Shorts or Grounds. Amplifier Or Source Unit May Be Defective..
  • Distorted audio and PRoTECT INDICATOR flashes.
    Short circuit in speaker or wire. Remove speaker leads one at a time to locate shorted speaker or wire, and repair
  • Music lacks dynamics or “punch”
    Speakers are not connected properly. Check speaker Connections for proper polanty
  • Engine noise-whining or clicking-in system when the engine is on.
    Amplifier is picking up alternator noise. First, check ground connection on the ampifer-a loose or improper ground s one of the main causes for noise. Tun down gain. Move RCA audio cabiles away from power wires. Instaling an alternator noise fiter on power line between battery and alternator might also be necessary.

Features & Benefits

JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-15

CATEGORY: Car Audio- Amplfier
POSITIONING: High-performance car amplfiers

  • Compact Size
  • High and Low Level Input
  • Variable Crossover
  • Low Noise and Distortion
  • Input Level Control
  • Full On-board Protection


  • Compact Size
    The JBL Club Amplifier Series features a low-profile chassis and a small overall footprint to fit in more vehicles where available space is limited.
  • High and Low Level Input
    Speaker-evel and low-level inputs allow the JBL Club Amplifier Series to integrate with both aftermarket and factory car stereo systems.
  • Variable Crossover
    Unlike many amplifiers available at similar prices, the JBL Club Amplifier Series features variable electronic crossovers allowing for precise system tuning and performance.
  • Low Noise and Distortion
    The JBL Club Amplifier Series has been engineered using Balanced Differential Inputs to ensure low noise and distortion even at high output levels. This also makes it far less susceptible to line induced radiated engine noise.


  • Input Level Control
    When the low-level inputs are used, this control adjusts the input sensitivity between 200mVrms and 2.0 Vrms. When high-level inputs are used, this control adjusts the input sensitivity between 2Vrms and 20Vrms.
  • Full On-board Protecti on
    On-board circuitry protects the JBL Club Amplifier Series from shorts, high-temperature, overvoltage and under votage. An LED indicator is provided to let you know when one of these conditions exists.JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-16



Your JBL product has been designed to provide you with the performance and ease of operation you would expect from JBL Please take time to read your Owner’s manual in its entirety before operating or installing your subwoofer. Keep the owner’s manual for your amplifier in your glove compartment along with the owner’s manual for your car. Put your subwoofer sales receipt with other important documents in order to expedite warranty service if needed.


This manual describes general installation guidelines and operation instructions. However, please note that proper installation of mobile audio and video components requires qualified experience with mechanical and electrical procedures. If you do not have the knowledge and tools to successfully perform this installation, we strongly recommend consulting an authorized JBL dealer about your installation options. Keep all instructions and sales receipts for reference. Consider this manual as an indispensable feature of your subwoofer


JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-18

  • 1x Stadium BassHub
  • 1x wiring harness
  • 1x vehicle mounting post
  • 1x vehicle mounting adapter
  • 1x 2.5mm Allen wrench
  • 1x Quick-start guide


The Stadium BassHub mounts inside the rim of the spare tire in your trunk. To mount the Stadium BassHub properly, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the vehicle’s spare mounting post.
  2. Make sure that the spare tire is placed in the trunk with the outside of the tire facing downwards; the back of the rim should be facing you. This will ensure sufficient mounting depth for the Stadium BassHub.
  3. Carefully place the Stadium BassHub inside the rim of the spare tire.
  4. Insert the Stadium BassHub mounting post into the slot in the center of the Stadium BassHub. When it reaches the spare tire mounting bracket, begin turning clockwise to thread the post into the bracket and tighten.
    NOTE: Some applications require the use of the included adapter to provide a threaded slot for the mounting post. Insert the adapter into the spare tie-down bracket and twist to lock into place. Then repeat steps 3 and 4 above.
    NOTE: TO keep from damaging the Stadium BassHub or the spare tire rim, do not overtighten the mounting post.JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-19


To connect the speaker wiring harness to the input on the nght side of the Stadium BassHub:

  1. Use the included 2.5mm Allen wrench to remove two screws securing the cover on the top panel of the Stadium BassHub.
  2. Lift off the cover.
  3. Insert the harness into the input.JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-20


The Stadium BassHub features dual 4-ohm voice coils that can be wired in series for an 8-ohm impedance load or in parallel for a 2-ohm impedance load. Be sure to observe proper wire polarity.
Plug diagram:JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-21

For parallel wiring:

  1. Connect the SUB1+ and SUB2+ wires to the+ output on the amplifier.
  2. Connect the SUB1-and SUB2- wires to the – Output on the amplifier.JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-22

For series wiring:

  1. Connect the SUB1+ wire to the + Output on the amplifier.
  2. Connect the SUB2- wire to the – output on the amplfier.
  3. Splice the SUB1- and SUB2+ wires together.JBL 700BASS600 Stadium BassHub Amplifiers-22IMPORTANT: Make sure your amplifier is compatible with your desired impedance load. Connecting a 2-ohm impedance load to an amplifier that is not rated for 2 ohms can cause the amplifier to overheat and malfunction or damage the vehicle.


  • Power handling: 600W RMS, 1200W peak
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 150Hz
  • Sensitivity (@2.83V/ 1m): 90dB
  • Voice Coil diameter, each: 2.5in. (64mm)
  • Impedance: Dual 4 ohms
  • Dimensions (D x H): 14-3/16″ x 6-1/2″ (D360mmx H164.5mm)

HARMAN International Industries
Incorporated 8500 Balboa Boulevard,
Northridge, CA 91329 USA

2020 HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated. All rights reserved. JBL is a trademark of HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated, registered in the United States and/or other countries. Features, specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice

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