Mythic raid +15 in World of Warcraft – description and features for new players

Mythic raid +15 in World of Warcraft – description and features for new players

Mythic Raid is a new, endless mode in which players in a group of five replay raids with a timer and try to both beat their record and simply beat the dungeon before the time runs out

Each of the new stages will have an increased difficulty and at +15 the characteristics of the monsters and the boss will be significantly increased. Enemies will have increased attack, stronger defense, and much more health than normal mode.

The higher the difficulty level, the higher the level of armor and weapons will be received by players from trophy chests at the end of the dungeon.

To pass a raid of increased difficulty, it is enough to follow the detailed written guide, or order Mythic +15 carry with a team of professional players. Plus, in this variation of the passage there will be a full-fledged experience and the loot will go to the player, and not be divided into the whole group.

The composition of the group in the raid

Please note that mythic level dungeons have an increased difficulty level and are limited to a group of five people. You need to balance the group as efficiently as possible and choose roles and classes to counter the monsters and the boss. There will be many enemies and the group should be ready for any surprises – massive AoE that will kill half the squad, strong guards – the boss’s guards and many other dangers.

The higher the level, the stronger the monsters and the boss will be, but the higher the reward.

You need:

  • Tank or death knight
  • Shaman or Priest
  • Mage
  • Warrior
  • Rogue or Warlock


A defensive type of warrior that will take the main damage throughout the entire passage of the dungeon and pull all opponents onto itself, protecting support and DPS units.

Shaman or Priest

We need a healing class that can support the tank and the rest of the group with healing and removal of negative effects, and can resurrect the fallen.


The Warrior can deal a lot of damage and attack a single target in many different combinations. It will be effective against the boss and strong guards.


The mage is weak against bosses, but is great at multi-targeting. It is necessary that the tank collects all the boss’s servants, and the mage will destroy them with strong AoE attacks.

Rogue or Warlock

The rogue is able to deal high damage to a single target with his attacks from behind, and will also be useful when fighting strong opponents with a large supply of life.

The Warlock can inflict many long-term debuffs that permanently reduce the health of targets and increase with the number of debuffs applied at the same time. The warlock is great at doing a lot of damage to the boss by placing dots on his minions.

Start Mythic+

At least one of the five players in the group must have a Mythic Key to activate the altar in order to start playing the advanced version of the dungeon.

Mythic+ key is obtained from bosses of previous levels and from the chest of challengers.

Don’t forget to set the difficulty before entering the dungeon – normal difficulty will be set automatically. You need a Mythic+ difficulty of the appropriate level.

If you set the correct difficulty level, then in the center of the room there will be an altar with which the player must interact, with an epochal key.

Use the pop-up interface inside the dungeon and place the required keys to start the process of activating the timer and preparing the raid for launch.

Mythic+ Raid Features

Players must complete the Mythic equivalent of the previously explored raid in a set amount of time, or faster, to gain experience and a reward – an Equipment Chest of LVL 281 or higher depending on the difficulty level.

Players will improve their Mythic Key and be able to compete with stronger bosses a level higher than the current level of the dungeon.

At the end of the raid, the system will provide general information about the dungeon, the raid, and the total reward that all players received, but only if everyone met the specified time or beat their record of passage.

Mythic + Raid has no limit on the number of entries into the dungeon, and players can make many attempts to break their own record and receive a reward for completing each time. The only condition for entry is an epochal+ key from one of the raid participants and success within the allotted time.

The higher the difficulty level was chosen, the higher the level of equipment will be obtained from the chest for each player after killing the bosses.

Each player receives equipment from the chest, tied to their class for maximum efficiency. Equipment is given out uniquely to each raid member, and if the group set a passing record and beat their previous achievement, then two more random players will receive a random reward.

Equipment can be exchanged with each other as part of the raid.

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