What are the tips and strategies to follow to ace Olympiad exam Class 9

Olympiad exams are conducted based on school level. These exams are a competitive one because; this is conducted to grasp skills like analytical and problem solving for school students. This emphasizes the subjects like Maths, Science, and English for school students. The sole objective is to improve the skill of school children and to prepare them for the future competitions and trials they face that would make them more accessible to finding solutions for the problem.

Why should one take this type of exam?

Olympiads are conducted by a very large number of students. This is to analyze the efficiency of the students. Giving an exam like the Olympiad which is conducted state or all India level where the student will come from different regions or areas; this will position the students to compete with each other so efficiently. This will not only boost up their fortitude but give them a bright chance to grow well in the academic and mental aspects of life.

The above-provided benefits are basic ones. Apart from that, the student will

  • Explore their talent when getting ranked in the Olympiad. This develops them into more of a diplomatic person.
  • The questions asked in the Olympiads are trickier and concept-related. This requires the students to absorb the concepts very well. Hence, this improves their daily tests marks drastically.
  • This reinforces their understanding, power of reasoning, and level of knowledge.
  • Another advantage is that you get awards and recognitions when taking part in the Olympiad examination.

How to prepare?

If a student wanted to apply and test & improvise their skill then, you will have to follow your school for the same. But then, the real question is how can students prepare for that examination? Especially when they have to concentrate on regular school studies and this exam. Hence, here there are some useful study strategies you can follow to score a well-esteemed position in the Olympiad exam.

  1. Scan the syllabus:- 

Run through the entire syllabus before starting the preparation. For every exam, you should be updated with the syllabus from the official site. Scanning the syllabus right before starting the preparation phase will help you to be inclined towards the preparation strategy.

  1. Grasp the understanding of the concepts:-

Be sure about the concepts you are preparing for your exam. You should pay attention to the depth of each topic as such you will gain an adequate understanding of the syllabus and the topics and also the logic behind it. Only the detailed study will make you stand confident and will help you to solve all the tricky questions given in the examination.

  1. Attach a proper planner:-

The right schedule will never leave the preparer at bay. A complete strategy of planning for every subject is required. You have to look after every subject that needed proper attention, according to that, be organized and achieve your target easily and simply.

  1. Prepare quick facts for your quick reference:-

Always make note of the important points you intuit, and then create colourful or attractive notes for you to study at the time of preparation. These quick facts you wrote will help you to learn faster and very essential for future references and revisions.

  1. Solving sample, previous year papers is the key:-

Solving papers like SOF IMO Question Papers Class 10 will help you to analyze the variety of questions you will get in the exam. These papers will save you when you are testing the Olympiad skills of yours. Besides these, you should attend mock tests to practice accuracy level. After completing every topic, take up a test and work out then analyze your position based on your results.

Also, note that students preparing for Olympiads never required an extra coaching class for that. Apart from the school assignments, students concentrate more on understanding the topic and concepts, and attending classes attentively in schools is more than required to ace these exams.

  1. Revise as much as you can:-

Revision is considered a significant part of any kind of examination. Moreover, the revision will be equal to everyone in the school but the real revision starts when the students start to prepare for themselves vigorously. As every student has gone through lots of kinds of stuff during the preparation period, this should be continued by enhancing some manual notes by the student. This will rescue them to secure the top. By that time, students should prepare all the points and revise them frequently.

Benefits of writing Olympiads:-

  • These exams are perfect for a student to test their conceptual understanding of their subject.
  • These exams will drastically improve their problem-solving technique and it will be the real challenge for students to think analytically. These challenges will mold them to be skilful people.
  • When practising each chapter, will expose them to the required skill set they need to cope up with the competitive other who also preparing for the same exam. These could be national or international platforms.
  • This instils the quality of working hard among students. Because these exams push them to prepare hard to beat others at the same time improving their results.
  • The performance of every student will improve. This can be seen visually. Because Olympiads will sharpen their learning and thinking process that eventually helps them to grasp the topics they are taught in the school. Hence, they become a severe competitor for other students in the same school.

Last-minute tips:-

  • Strengthen your basic
  • Read concepts\topics very well. Once you understand the concept well no one can stop in answering the correct answers.
  • Make a plan to study – A study schedule
  • Attend mocks, Sample papers, and previous year papers.
  • While writing exams, stay calm and solve as many questions as you can. If you are unsure about any answer, just mark the question in your mind and move on. Try solving questions you have left.
  • Have a fresh mind. While preparing for the exam vigorously don’t forget to take care of your mind. Your brain needs good rest. Hence, avoid sleep deprivation.

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